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Eric Ravilious – April

April 29, 2014

During the month of April my calendar has been showing me a design that Eric Ravilious drew for use on Wedgwood china. I can’t say it is a real favourite of mine. It shows an urban scene and I am generally a person of the more rural areas. But it has been appropriate for April for it depicts the University Boat Race – Oxford against Cambridge.


Eric had, of course, found an interesting spot for his view with interesting boats on a slipway in the foreground. I believe he is showing Oxford leading by about half a length.

Of course, had something similar been done in 2014, then probably only one boat would have been in view for after the clash of the oars there was really only one boat in it.

This reminds us that Ravilious designed for all sorts of purposes. He didn’t just paint pictures.