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The Beattie Bash

June 25, 2016

Back in 1962 I travelled on a special train around the suburbs of South West London. For much of the journey it was hauled by a pair of truly old steam locos – engines which dated from the 1870s. The previous year I had been to Wadebridge in Cornwall to see these engines. My dad, bless him, seemed to realise that it was important to me. Both the visit to Wadebridge and the special train have featured on this blog.

Sadly, I had no usable camera for the special train so I have no photos. But on May 29th 2016 a chance came to sort of rectify that for the identical two engines were due to be at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road. And we were there, complete with camera. It was possible, once again, to ride behind those two locos and see them in action.

The engines were designed by an engineer called Joseph Beattie and the railway centre dubbed this event, ‘The Beattie Bash’.

First off there was just one loco running.


It is a lovely little engine but up at the end of the yard, the other old lady had been prepared and was about to appear. This loco was detached from the train.

image004And then the other loco was backed out of the yard.


For a moment these old girls – each some 140 years old – were side by side but soon they were getting organised on the train.


And here they come.


And here are my two old friends – first met at Wadebridge on 24th July 1961 – as they take a breather at Quainton Road 0n 29th May 2016.