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July 28, 2013

Flamingos are those wonderfully exotic big pink birds which inhabit other parts of the world. Yet in truth, you only need to go to France to see them in the wild. OK, it is the south of France and from where I live that’s a distance of about a thousand kilometres in a straight line. But what a glorious sight can greet you when or if you visit the Camargue.

The Camargue is the area of the Rhone delta. It’s big, open country at low level on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a veritable haven for wildlife.

And in the spring, you get flamingos.


There’s a couple, and an idea of The Camargue.


At least eight of them in that photo.


And there are more than twenty of them there.

It was hard to get close. The birds have the advantage of being masters of the terrain.


If you crept up quite close, the birds weren’t happy and made, rapidly, for the water.


There’s a bonus for I got a stilt in the background.image012

Amazing birds! Amazing place.

These photos were taken on 7th April 2006.