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Cape Cornwall

July 27, 2014

Here’s another post from our visit to Cornwall. This time it is Cape Cornwall.

There are only two places called Cape in the UK. The other is Cape Wrath in North West Scotland.

Cape Cornwall is but a few miles from Lands End and we have to admit that Lands End is a few hundred yards further west. But Lands End has been turned into a bit of a theme park. I prefer the quiet, non-commercial Cape Cornwall although I have been to Lands End a couple of times.


There is Lands End, as seen from Cape Cornwall.


A pretty bay just north of the Cape.


A nineteenth century mine chimney stands atop the cape. When the mine closed it was decided the chimney was a useful navigation aid for shipping and it was maintained. The area is now held by the National Trust.


There are natural rock gardens on top of Cape Cornwall.

But I, lover of bricks that I am, thought the top of the chimney, with the wonderful blue sky, was just beautiful.


There is much to enjoy at Cape Cornwall and you won’t be too troubled by the madding crowd. And if you happen to be a member of the National Trust then you can park for free.