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A day out by motor in 1929

July 29, 2013

Days out, for my dad, were something of a rarity. People just didn’t have money for frippery which, of course, made those rare days out altogether more memorable.

My dad had a cousin called Walter who was the son of Uncle Joe. He worked in the motor trade and could drive. On July 7th 1929 he hired a large car and took his family (there were 5 of them all more or less adult by then) and my dad, his sister and his parents on a day out. I’ll let my dad say a little in his own words.

In 1929 or thereabouts Walter, with a job in the motor trade, hired a large car (a Cubitt) in which on one Sunday Uncle Joe’s family and our family visited relations in various parts of Sussex. We certainly visited Crawley where Aunt Mercy (Edwards, my oldest Aunt born 1878) lived in Malthouse Road. In Hadlow Down churchyard we looked at the graves of Hepzibah (my oldest Aunt of all except that she died in 1909) and alongside the grave of grandfather who died in 1913.

This must have been a very special occasion and quite a few photos were taken. I have photos of each of the graves mentioned and others taken in Mercy’s garden. And then there is this one, which shows dad and his sister, Dora, on the running board of that Cubitt car.


I suspect that was taken in Bexhill, at the start of the journey. This must have been a real adventure to the youngsters. It is hard for us to imagine what a restricted life people led then although Dad and Dora did get holidays at Firle, staying with their aunt and family. Indeed, we saw the pair of them recently on cousin Frank’s motorbike. But Crawley, where Aunt Mercy lived, was way out of normal experience. From the Bexhill home, the journey would have been about 50 miles. This day must have been a real red letter day in the lives of the youngsters.