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Culver Down

April 24, 2016

I know I’m different from many other folks on holiday. A lot of people want a beach and to be by the sea. I like to get up a hill, away from the crowds and have views, both near and far.

In a moment of escape from grandchildren on a beach, we managed to get up onto Culver Down. This is no problem for you can drive up, park, and escape other people with a short walk. This is on the Isle of Wight, of course.

Some of the area is owned by the National Trust.


There’s enough white rock there to tell us this is chalk downland – something I really love.

It was March but gorse seems to flower all year round.image004

Little violets were also to be found.

image006Culver Battery is a military gun emplacement. It dates from around 1906.

image008The site was closed down in 1956 but the whole area remained out of bounds until 1966. That’s what the notice my wife is reading actually says.


There are good views. Here we look over Bembridge Harbour – a natural area of protected water whuich once reached to Brading and was known as Brading Harbour. A white tower half way up and left of centre is all that remains of an old St Helens church. It is white painted as a navigation aid.

Beyond the fort we see the mainland at Portsmouth and Southsea.

We were not alone on Culver. There was cattle and this beast was trying to get its bearings on the toposcope.


image014More cows and the Yarborough memorial.

The Bembridge windmill could be picked out down below.



A few minutes of fresh air on a hilltop made me ready to face beach and grandchildren once more.