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Dancing Ledge

March 31, 2015

Dancing Ledge is near Swanage. We sometimes go there to enjoy a bit of wilder scenery, although in truth what we head for is a stone quarry. It is quite a steep step down from the car park which, perhaps, makes it not such an attractive destination for some. The high up car park gives a view across Swanage to Ballard Down.


The climb down is rich in all sorts of interest. On this August 2013 visit, the blooming flowers may have been ordinary, but still lovely.


As you work down there is lovely coastal scenery.


The right hand end of the high hill has clearly been terraced for agriculture in the long ago past.

The Dancing Ledge is a large flat area, next to the sea which has been left by quarrying. The quarry also left cliffs which are much loved by rock climbers.


Not for me!


I prefer the flatter areas – the Ledge itself.

What goes down to Dancing Ledge must return back up the hill. There’s plenty of opportunity to rest and enjoy the view.



And always flowers to enjoy – sometimes with insects.