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Veteran car

November 27, 2014

Nearly all of my childhood was spent about a mile from the route of the London to Brighton veteran car rally; This offered us free entertainment on the first Sunday in November as the ancient cars trundled down to the Sussex coast. Photographs certainly weren’t taken all that often, but in 1958 my dad took a few of which this is about the sharpest and clearest.


Presumably the car was in some kind of difficulty, for it seems to have pulled off the road

The car is a 1904 De Dion Bouton – a two seater with a six horsepower engine. It was 54 years old at the time.

My feel is that the overtaking car is a Humber but someone will let me know if I’m wrong. As this was taken in 1958, that car is now (if perchance it survives) at least 56 years old – so older than the De Dion was then.

I have commented on my liking for the browsability of encyclopaedia in book form but identifying the old car was a simple job for the web and we find that auctioneers Bonhams sold the very same care in 2009 (for close on £70000).image004

This image of the same car – reverted to an original registration – comes from their gallery.