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Deal and Walmer

April 29, 2016

I reckon I know Kent quite well. My mum was born in the county and so we often visited her Dad and other relatives in the county. For six years I had children at Uni in Canterbury and that meant frequent visits at the start and end of terms. And then we found that ancestors from longer ago came from other parts of Kent and we visited them. We have friends in Kent and my daughter now lives in the London part of Kent.

But I reckon my only visits to Walmer and Deal would have been passing through them on a train during my train spotting years back in the early 1960s.

Walmer and Deal feature on this month’s railway poster calendar.


As I lived in the south of England I might well have seen this poster adorning station platforms, encouraging folks to visit places for holidays. The poster was produced by Frank Sherwin in 1952. 1952 was the first year from which I have real, definite memories. I don’t remember this poster which probably stayed in use for years. Mind you, until around 1960 places like Deal and Walmer were just way beyond my ken. They might as well have been in outer space for all I knew about them. There seemed no possibility that one would ever visit places as far flung as these. Deal was all of 70 straight line miles from where I lived but honestly, back then this was much the same as another planet. I suspect those 70 miles would have needed four train changes and probably would have taken quite a bit of a day.

Maybe not knowing these places is an omission I should put right one day.