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A waterfall in Deepdale

November 6, 2015

Some might call me a bit old fashioned. When I want to take photos I use one of those rather quaint things called a camera. Now I’m not so old fashioned that I use a film camera. In fact I was the first person I knew who turned to digital photography. What I mean is, I don’t use a phone or, heaven forbid, try to waft a tablet in front of my face to take a photo. I like a camera with a viewfinder I can hold to my eye. Of course, from time to time I make use of the live screen on the back of the camera and at times I could wish for one with a swivel screen. But I grew up in the age of the box camera and found the eye level viewfinder such a boon and I have no long term wish to go back.

One ‘hazard’ of my choice is that if I take a portrait format photo I have to rotate it on my computer and that’s what I had to do with this photo of a waterfall in Deepdale, not far from Dent where we were staying.

image002 But sometimes you get things wrong. I did here. That photo is upside down. I was staggered at how it still seemed to work as a waterfall.


That’s the right way round.

This waterfall is on Gastack Beck and is close beside the road from Dent to Ingleton. This is not a hugely visited area but is as lovely as elsewhere in the Yorkshire Dales.

Let’s see a different view of the same fall.