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The dustbin lorry

October 22, 2013

These days refuse collection is a high tech affair. Huge lorries pick up the wheelie bins and may weigh them, recognise who the bin belongs to and even keep records of it all. To cram as much in as possible a press compacts the rubbish into a tight, tiny space.

Back in the 50s a much more personal service was not a bit like that. A small lorry with opening side hatches can round. The dustmen (or refuse collectors) came around to your back garden, collected your bin, took it out to the lorry and emptied the contents via the side hatches and then returned your bin. Of course, at Christmas time they may have made some extra clattering noises to remind you they felt entitled to a Christmas box – a small some of cash for their kindness and hard work throughout the year.

I do not have a photo of such a lorry, but I do have a Dinky toy version.


What a little beauty! I certainly had one of these lorries as a kid. It was old (as ever it was not new to me) and battered. This one – and I’m not sure if it is the same one, has been renovated by my brother-in-law who at one time enhanced his income by meticulously doing up such toys.

I have opened one of the side hatches for the photograph.

This is a Dinky version of a Bedford truck.


The first version of this model came out in 1948 but they were popular and stayed in production until 1965. If this is the very one I had as a child then it will be an early one.

So what’s that big handle on the side for? Well, like the real thing this is a tipper lorry. It has a rear hatch and if you wind the handle you tip the refuse container and the contents can fall out of the rear hatch.image006

It’s a lovely model and thanks to Bill for doing it up.

Toy Time

February 11, 2013

The other day I found my old Daimler ambulance. Today I have another old ‘car’ from my collection. I’ve put car in quotes because actually, it’s a van – a loudspeaker van.


Like many an old toy, it has seen better days but actually, apart from a repaint being needed, it isn’t in bad order. It is a Dinky but like other early models it has no base plate.


The maker’s marks are on the inside of the van roof.

This was one of my favourite Dinky toys. Vehicles like this really did roam the streets with somebody inside addressing the nation as they travelled. As a 5 year old, I saw this as a future job for me. I really fancied sitting there speaking to the world. Odd really – for despite a lifetime in a talking job (I was a teacher) I do talks to groups from time to time and I am absolutely riddled with nerves before I start.

Let’s return to the toy. It was almost certainly acquired at a jumble sale. New items just weren’t bought in my family. We were, it seems really poor for money, but I never realised this.  Web sites tell me that this model was made between 1936 and 1954 (but probably not during the 2nd World War. It’s quite probable that mine is a pre-war one. I’m never much bothered by cash value but it might have some. As I write there is one on sale on EBay with a buy it now price of £45 and it isn’t looking much better than mine. Mind you, that may not sell. I notice ones that look good selling from £40 up to £120. But I’m not selling a bit of my old life.