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Under the path

October 27, 2014

We recently had our front garden path re-laid. It was quite a massive job.


Our lovely old path is made of massively heavy stones. They were removed and then about 4 tons of soil was extracted.


One item came to light down in that soil. It is a desert spoon.


We can see from this angle that it has seen better days. Now I have levelled the path in the past so it is possible that somehow I lost this spoon, but I suspect it has been there since around 1952 when the path was first laid.


Our workers were obviously keen to see if this was precious metal, although the rust could tell them it wasn’t. They’ve worked hard at making the ‘hallmark’ visible.


Let’s take a guess that the EP stands for electro-plated.

A check on the web tells us this was a silver plated spoon of the third quality made by Joseph Rodgers in Sheffield. I’d love to date it, but the firm’s name has been in use from the 1720s (maybe earlier) and still is used.

But who knows, one of my lovely readers might come up with a date.