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On the Waverley

September 16, 2016

The paddle steamer Waverley has featured before on this blog for I have seen this lovely ship in various locations. However, at the end of July in 2016 we stayed in a location that was close to Waverley sailing routes. And, what’s more they were in Waverley’s Clyde area homeland for this venerable vessel had been built to take Glaswegians ‘doon the watter’ to places where they could enjoy sun sea and air. Our plan was to catch the boat at Dunoon for a tour of Loch Long.

Annoyingly, for me, it was not possible to keep tickets. I did take a photograph, though.


And so it was that we joined a queue of at least 250 people all boarding at Dunoon. It looked a lot, but somehow once on they seemed to thin out. It didn’t feel crowded.

But first let’s see the wonderful paddle steamer arrive.




On board it was really rather elegant. There was a café with Lloyd Loom furniture.



There was plenty of space on the open decks.


But for me it was the engine room that made it.

At the control panel.


The engine itself.


You can click here to see and hear the engine at work.

Or click here for a second film of the engine.

The scenery was as lovely as you’d expect. With a loch side castle at Carrick on Loch Goil as an end point.


Then back to Dunoon where we left this delightful boat to sail off – it ought to be into a sunset, but the weather wasn’t that kind.


The Dunoon Seal

August 22, 2016

We went for a short cruise when in Scotland. It was about two and a half hours and we started at Dunoon.

Whilst queueing for the boat a seal appeared nearby but he (or she) proved tricksy to photograph. This seal maintained a distance and spent much more time under the water than on the surface. But in the nick of time it popped its head up reasonably close to us.


Well, actually, it was just half a head.


He or she zooms up quite well.

Oddly, during our week in this part of Scotland this was our only seal. We saw quite a lot of dolphins – but never got a photo. We saw (or at least I did) an otter but got no photo. This seal was my only water mammal photo. Enjoy!