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Selworthy Beacon

November 29, 2014

Yesterday I aimed to cheer up the drab end of November with summer sunflowers. They were cultivated and in France. Today we’ll look at wild flowers in the UK – on Selworthy Beacon, Exmoor, to be precise.


I’m guessing this smile bringing collection is pinky purple heather mixed with bright yellow gorse. I think it looks great.

There are acres of this heather mixture, high above the coast.


That’s the view down to Porlock Bay.

We were at this lovely location in a somewhat damp and chilly august in 2008.


Tarr Steps

June 17, 2013

Every now and again I feature a bridge on this blog. I love bridges. They are obviously designed to be functional – to get people across a gap or a river, but I also think they can be structures of enormous beauty.

I’m not sure that Tarr Steps is truly beautiful, but it is in origin and style a truly ancient structure and somehow age lends added interest for we can think of the vision, skill and sheer strength of the people who designed and built it. Tarr Steps can be found in Exmoor, Somerset about four miles from Withypool


It’s of the style known as a clapper bridge. Large flat stones are laid across simple stone pillars. It crosses the River Barle.

Being low and reliant on gravity to keep it in place, the bridge can be damaged quite severely by floods. The last occasion was as recently as December 2012 when half of it was washed away. These days, the bridge authorities are able to identify every stone and the requisite slabs were recovered and replaced very quickly.

It will come as no surprise that Tarr Steps is a grade 1 listed monument. It is a fantastic structure. And it could well be 1000 years old.

Interestingly, footpaths that lead to the bridge have been paved too. This one is alongside the River Barle.


These photos were taken in the summer of 2008.