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My Wife’s Farm

March 26, 2015

No doubt many of us older folk – not that we are that old – had farms where the items were cast in metal. My wife had an altogether classier set of kit than I ever had. Some of her bits of farm are really lovely. Here is some of it.


Like many a farm, gathered together in an ad hoc manner, it isn’t all to scale. The delightful round haystack is not much bigger than the stooks of corn.

Some of these individual items are just grand. How about the farm cat, in a basket with a kitten.


There’s a grand shepherd.


His sheepdog waits patiently in his kennel.


A rabbit emerges from its burrow.


A hen has gone into a coop.


It can be shut in to make it sit on a clutch of eggs and keep it safe.

There are simple things, like a milk churn which still has its detachable lid.


And here’s one for the historians.


This is a bee skep made of straw in real life.. I have to say I have never seen a real skep in use. Hives, designed by humans for bees, allow for easier extraction of honey and far easier been inspection.

My wife has a great little farm here.

Meet the Relative – Great Uncle Harry

February 16, 2013

He would never have known it, but I owe quite a lot to Great Uncle Harry. My dad was named after his uncle so my middle name comes from him as well. My son’s middle name is also henry/harry so his name comes from there too. My daughter’s son – my grandson – also has Harry/Henry as a middle name so he is named after my great uncle Harry – his great, great, great uncle Harry. Yet said great uncle didn’t actually found the Harry dynasty. He, too, had an Uncle Harry and that Uncle Harry had a dad called Harry. That’s my great, great grandfather. Guess what? He had an Uncle Harry as well. The name is now in its 8th generation at least.

I am sure my dad was named after his Uncle Harry because this particular Harry was killed in World War 1 and my dad was born soon after the termination of hostilities.

Long before I took up family history I knew about Great Uncle Harry. I think he was quite instrumental in me wanting to know more. So not only do I owe a name to Harry. I owe a passion to him as well.

With my gran being the hoarder of her generation, I have quite a lot of paper documentation and photos about Harry. He might be the subject of more than one blog so I’ll look at his early life here.

Harry was born on 28th April 1885. The birth was registered in Uckfield in Sussex. We have met his parents on this blog already for his father was George Stevens and his mother was Sarah Ann (née) Crosby.  The Stevens family moved frequently from house to house but always in a small area to the south of Uckfield. They chanced to be in Ridgewood when Harry was born. We have a birth certificate, actually issued after Harry’s death.


Of course, we know little really of young Harry. My gran was seven years his junior – the youngest of the Stevens clan. I don’t suppose Harry the lad had much time for a baby sister.

Harry attended school, of course, but just which school we don’t know. It may well have been Little Horsted. I find it surprising that the relatively impoverished Stevens family found money for a school photo, but we have one of Harry and his classmates.


Harry is fifth from left on the back row. This may have been about 1895. It’s possible that quite a few of Harry’s cousins are in the photo too.

Harry left school and got a job as a carter (presumably a carter’s lad) He was certainly a carter lad on farm at the time of the 1901 census when he lived at home with his parents. At that time this was Isfield We have a poor quality photo of Harry at work with horses.


This was said to be on the Firle estate. Two of Harry’s older sisters had moved to Firle.

I think Harry was a waggoner on a farm at Framfield in 1911. His employer was a Mr Stephens.

And there we’ll leave Harry as he seeks his fortune, working on farms.