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The time of rebirth

February 19, 2015

February can be a grand month. Sometimes – and it has just been so – the sun shines from a clear blue sky. It is never so hot that you feel languid and lazy. In fact it can be really quite cold, but it can feel lovely in the sunshine,

And of course, the plants begin to respond to the improving temperatures and illumination by putting forth their flowers. Here’s a little survey from my own garden of that wonderful spring regeneration.

The flower of the moment is the crocus. In our garden it often seems to be the purple fellows that do best.


These are a lighter shade of purple and below a slightly darker shade.


We also have the bright yellow beauties.


And three years ago we planted some white crocuses for our daughter’s wedding which was on a similar glorious February day.


And whilst on the white flowers, we have our drifts of snowdrops.



The rather classy and showy camellias are about to burst out of their buds.


Various different trees and shrubs are showing their colours.


It’s catkins on the garrya and strange frond like blossom on a witch hazel.



There are always plants I can’t identify.


I’ll return to earth for a finish with the flower that probably draws the biggest emotional response from me and that’s the primrose.


My mum was born, married and died in primrose season and she loved this flower so I always associate it with her. Like mum, the primrose seems so gentle and delicate.