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Dad’s flower book

July 28, 2015

My dad had books for all occasions – a trait I have inherited. I do find real books a very useful adjunct alongside the internet.

When I was young a favourite pair of books of mine were the matching bird and flower books.  When some of the spoils were shared, I had the bird book and my sister had the flower book and it is that one, which has now come my way, that I look at today.


The book is called ‘Flowers of the Field’.


It isn’t dated but this is by no means a first edition. I believe it dates from the 1920s, some 50 years after the death of the author.

The illustrations are, of course, lovely.


Here we have a page of poppies.

But what makes this book special are the pressed flowers found in tissue paper in between some pages. I believe they were pressed in the 1950s.


Sadly, I have no idea what the plants are.



I believe they were pressed by my sister so I see these flowers as very much a memory of her.