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A French Bible

June 2, 2015

My wife loves languages and words generally. When she saw a bible, in French at a local fete she bought it.

Back home we realised it had extras in it that might have made it personal to past owners and maybe their family.

The bible was given at the time of a wedding. There is a plate at the front of the book with all the details.


It is in French but a rough translation goes:

In the name of the church this bible is offered to Germaine Elizabeth Putallaz and to Ronald Cecil Penton on the 20th October 1951, the day of their marriage at the temple at Aigle.

Who this couple were, I know not, but there are other snippets of information and one of them gives an address for Mr R C Penton in Swindon, Wiltshire in 1981. That’s enough to make a start.

Ronald Cecil Penton died in the Swindon area in 1982. The record shows he was born in 1923.

Germaine lived on in Swindon until 1997. She had been born in about 1925.

There is also a baptism card stuck in the bible but we have no idea how it relates.


This is for Duncan McGlasham, son of Andrew Morris and Elizabeth Doris who was baptised on August 2nd 1953 at St James’ Church in Ludgershall. As far as I can see Duncan’s birth was registered in Devizes in 1953 and his mother had been Elizabeth Lodge before marrying Andrew in 1948, in the Devizes district.

My wife and I would be happy to return that baptism card to a bona fine family member. Do get in touch if you know anything about these people.

A Milking Stool

July 21, 2014

I don’t suppose many ordinary householders boast a milking stool amongst their possessions. In the early 1970s my dad returned from a holiday in France and presented me with one. As I can’t remember the year, I can’t be sure if it was at a time when I kept goats. I have a feeling the stool predated that period of my life. This is the stool as is now.


It’s well used – mostly as a mini coffee table. It’s an ideal surface to have beside an easy chair. It’s just perfect for putting a mug on. It has suffered the stains and heat rings of outrageous usage over the years.


I love the simplicity of it – a neat semi-circular top on three legs which are wedged into place, possibly with a tad of glue to help.

I think my dad rather liked the price of it – still just about readable on the underside.


That says 4.70. Back in the early 70s there were about 10 francs to the UK pound. This stool set my dad back the equivalent of about 50p.

And the great thing is that it has seen proper usage when we kept and milked goats. I did actually find it ideal for milking.

And now, with goat keeping long in the past I still find it an elegant little item of furniture. It could, of course, be tarted up. Some gentle sanding to remove the stains and then a coat of varnish to make it shine. But to my mind that would spoil the item. I think it should stay as a cheap and used little piece of furniture.