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Autumn at Giverney

October 27, 2013

Giverney was a long time home of artist Claude Monet. He was the chap who was credited with founding the impressionist style of painting. Much of his work was done at Giverney which is a lovely place to visit. Here are some of my photos from 30th October 2001. Being October, the famed water lilies were no longer flowering.


That’s Monet’s house.


No flowers, but the lily pond was still lovely.



Monet’s famed bridge.

Being a nerd, I really shouldn’t do art. But Monet seems to suit me. Indeed, I have a Monet print above my computer. It’s one of his series  – Poplars on the Epte. The Epte is the river by Giverney.

I look at it frequently and it seems to help when I am writing.