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A Spinneroo

January 30, 2015

Actually, that’s not the real name. It seems to be rather dull in name. It’s a cyclone. I prefer spinneroo.

By Heck! It’s nearly February and I’m still thinking about Christmas past. Well, it was only just over a month ago.

My son came up with this interesting little gizmo.


I don’t know if he was aware that this is an updated version of a toy we used to make for ourselves back in the 1950s out of string and cardboard. You made a suitable disc of card – it needed to be sturdy and coloured it or punched holes in it to taste. You then passed a string through two holes near the centre and made the string into a loop. You could then twist up the string and when you pulled – with one end in each hand – you made the disc spin round, fast enough that the colours seemed to merge and the device whirred and possibly whistled as well.

This one is hi-tech and is made of modern strong twine with comfy plastic handles and two lights on the device made to spin. The effect is spectacular, Persistence of vision joins the lights into pretty patterns, according to just how you spin and shake the device.


Lucky I have a tripod for the camera. Yes, that’s me. My hands are blurred due to speed of movement and we can see how those two lights, different in colour, appear to chase each other around.

Without much practice at all you can get a rather attractive petal pattern.


Great fun! Thanks Sid and family.