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Grouse at Grinton Moor

November 28, 2015

We saw grouse a year ago at Grinton Moor, and we were back there a month ago. I’m pleased to report that there are still grouse and they still seem able to tolerate people in cars. If you get out, they are off rapidly, but you can park close by them and get what photos you can.

image002 The birds are content to sit on roadside walls and you can draw up alongside them with no problem.


Sometimes, they are a little further away and in the heather.


They may sit on the rocks strewn on Grinton Moor which is betwixt Swaledale and Wensleydale.


Time to bring some zoom into play.


All these photos were taken within a few minutes of one another on a very drab day – 15th October 2015.

Having a grouse

January 15, 2015

It was at the end of last November that we spent a week in the Yorkshire Dales. We stayed in Wensleydale but on several occasions we went over the tops and down into Swaledale. Those tops were grouse country.

I suppose they are really there to provide pleasure for the shooting fraternity and a little bit of meat for some. But for me they were just birds of beauty.

I have to confess that these birds hadn’t really crossed my radar before. When we first saw them I had to look up what they were.


This early in the week shot was not particularly good. We didn’t know these birds were to become things seen regularly.


This was a common roadside sight – a grouse – these are female – on a fence post or road side wall.


Now we’ll get to some better shots.

These grouse would pretty happily ignore cars but if you got out and walked you heard them – and a fascinating sound they made – but you didn’t see them.

So we sat in the car to get the close up shots.


This one with the big red eyebrows is the male.



Another fence post female.


Sorry folks. We also found that grouse were on sale in a Leyburn supermarket.