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Ten Years Ago

December 29, 2013

Ten Years Ago

December 29th 2003. We spent the day with sister in law and family.

I can tell you from photos that this was the year of juggling balls as Christmas presents. Earlier that year I had been at a computer show where a set of juggling balls had been offered to anyone who learnt to juggle them. I’m not sure why! I tried and sent the three orbs flying everywhere. But later, I returned, picked up the balls and just started juggling. What a eureka moment! On that day everybody else seemed to be trying!

Sister in law and family live in South West London and in the evening we went to Hampton Court.


Ah yes – a glorious (for me) red brick building!

The semi-wild life was lovely in the failing light too.


Mute swans are such elegant creatures.

Canada geese may be less elegant but they are still delightful.


The really wild life was enjoying itself on the skating rink.


Happy memories, but scary to think it was ten years ago!