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Inheriting the bug.

November 21, 2012

This is my dad at age 17 or 18. The year was 1937. He worked for EMI in Hayes, Middlesex. Just what he did, I don’t know but he always claimed he’d had his fill of television by the time World War II broke out.

I suppose this was a job rather than an interest so really it proves nothing much about the wide interests of my dad although he must have applied for the job.

To my Dad’s left there seems to be a high voltage area. The wire cage, the square plate on what look like insulators and a couple of discharge spheres all point to some rather sparky equipment.

But whatever this photo shows alters nothing. My dad was interested in all sorts. He was well versed with knowledge of plants and animals that you might see in the countryside. How I wish I’d learned more from him. He was enthusiastic about matters scientific and mathematical. In later years he took up industrial archaeology. But he was also well involved in community affairs. People mattered to him and he cared about society.

I’m proud to have inherited, or learned some of the characteristics he had.