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A daft hippo clock

September 29, 2013

I don’t think it’s any secret that I like clocks. Most of my collection are family pieces, having come from grandfather, father, great aunt and mother-in-law. They are all ‘proper’ clocks with lovely geared clockwork mechanisms.

But I have nothing against the modern clock fitted with a quartz mechanism. In fact there are plenty of them around the house. A couple of years ago I acquired this one – a sort of kit clock – second hand at a sale. Despite its rather naff modernity, I love it.


There’s not a scrap of traditional clock in this. The base is plastic the clock décor, representing a rather psychedelic hippo is made of brightly coloured foam.

Hippo waggles his head from side to side and wags his tail. It really is quite fun.

Hiding behind hippo’s blue body is a quartz mechanism – they are small and cheap making the possession of many clocks relatively affordable. The head and tail may act like a pendulum, but they have nothing to do with the regulation of the clock. That’s down to the quartz crystal. The power, of course, comes from an AA battery.

By the way, I find that when my camera decides its AA batteries are dead, they’ll still do a year driving a quartz clock.

I wonder if silly clocks like this one will excite antique hunters of the future.