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Hythe Pier Railway

March 30, 2015

Hythe tramway

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Rye and Camber tramway and my dad’s visit to it and commented that it was still possible to be hauled by a loco a bit like the one that hauled him.

Actually, I was way off in my thoughts, for his loco, back in 1930, had been petrol engine whereas the one I was thinking of  is actually electric. It runs along Hythe pier which extends out into Southampton Water from the village of Hythe.


There’s the pier and railway and here’s the loco.


It’s actually quite a small neat little thing and clearly has a substantial train which it will soon propel back to the pier head where it connects with the ferry for Southampton.


The pier railway has been running since 1922.

Piers need repair and this service out to the pier head was carrying some timber to keep the pier in good order. This was on a small truck attached to the train by a long metal pole.


And here it goes (click here to see the train move off).

Photos and video date from October 2012.