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I Spy Insects

July 25, 2015

On a recent holiday – a few days in the Isle of Wight with son, daughter in law and granddaughter – some of us were filling in I Spy on the Isle of Wight. It wasn’t granddaughter for she isn’t yet 2.

But it reminded me of my childhood and the fondness for I Spy books, then produced by the News Chronicle. Now I was a third child and older sister and brother already had quite a collection. My parents wouldn’t let me get any the same as the family already had so I developed a quick interest in insects and purchased one of the more expensive books with some colour pictures. And, of course, I still have it.

image002 As we see, it cost a shilling which was twice the price of the black and white only books.

Here’s a page I had filled in.


I saw my stag beetle on 26th August 1956 at Beddingham which I couldn’t spell properly at the time.

Back then, nearly 60 years ago, I thought they were quite common. I’d reckon that if I was asked to find one I’d come up trumps quite quickly. But the fact that they scored 35 points meant they weren’t that common.

Another page, and one of the colour ones, had an insect I never saw back then.


A hornet was worth 40 points, so deemed that bit rarer than the stag beetle. These days they seem much more common. Not long ago I had difficulty getting one out of my living room and I seem to come across them quite regularly.

It is good to know that old I Spy habits last. I always thought they were fun and they did encourage me to keep my eye open. They still work just the same.