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A Frosty Morning

January 24, 2015

I live in a part of the UK which has, so far, been pretty well snow free this winter. OK, we have had a few flurries, but never (as yet) anything that looked likely to settle.

Now circumstances change views. I have a cousin who dreads the white stuff. She has to drive to work and is understandably fearful of the journey. My wife and I are retired and I suppose could say we don’t have to do anything. We could certainly survive without having to use a car – for quite a long while from our own provisions and, assuming roads stayed passable, there is a grocery store, butchers, a chemists shop and a Post Office stores in the village. We could live! So by and large we see snow as a potential source of joy, wonder, and beauty.

So we feel that as yet we have been denied this, but we have had some wonderful frosty mornings, like the one yesterday (23rd January) when the temperature hovered around the -5 degrees mark until the sun got up.

There was real beauty.


We could start with a line of feathery crystals on the outer porch door.


Frost on a winter twig.


The gnomon on the sundial.


‘Frosty Fir’

Oh what a beautiful morning!