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Wadebridge Station or the John Betjeman Centre

June 7, 2015

Regular readers, particularly of the train blogs, will know that I first visited Wadebridge back in 1961. My dad took my brother and me – young train spotters – to see three very special old engines.

Probably unsurprisingly, the line was ‘Beechinged’ in 1967. All passenger services ceased but freight hung on until 1978 at which point complete closure saw the end of rail transport in this part of Cornwall.

Let’s fast forward to 2003 and another visit to the station.  By then it looked like a station building, but had a different use.


Tea, which we wanted, was on offer at the building so we parked up and went in. Actually, we were not eligible for it was for over 60s and back then we weren’t. But we were admitted and had a welcome cup of tea in what is now a John Betjeman centre with memorabilia about the former poet laureate – who was also a lover of this part of Cornwall and of railways.


We visited Betjeman’s grave, across the Camel estuary at the church of St Enedoc.


And what a delightful little church and setting that is.