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Yorkshire – Knaresborough

March 16, 2016

Once again we look at my railway poster art calendar. This time, for March, it is a scene in Knaresborough, Yorkshire.


Jack Merriott was the artist and this was produced in 1954.

The River Nidd flows under a handsome railway viaduct which has a steam hauled goods train passing over it. The train and loco are not clearly defined but the river is awash with pleasure vessels with a lady shading under a parasol, relaxing on a punt taking centre stage. Picnics and tea rooms abound by the river side. It looks idyllic and charming.

My visit to Knaresborough was way back in 1998 – almost twenty years ago. The scene I snapped then is much as shown in the poster – with handsome viaduct over the River Nidd. But we were there just before Easter and there were no pleasure boats on the water. But I was lucky enough to get a train crossing the viaduct.image004

Sadly, no steam train for me but a rather nondescript diesel train adds to the scene.

The Knaresborough Cobbler

March 13, 2015

Knaresborough is a town in North Yorkshire although once upon a time it was in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

It is quite close to Harrogate, the highly regarded spa town. But for my money (such as it is) Knaresborough has real attractions.

When we visited in my last year as a film (rather than digital) cameraman in 1997 we came upon this cobbler.


This has been mounted up for entry into our local show at some point – probably in 1998.

I fell in love with this place. I was so reminded of my grandfather’s shop back in the early 1950s.

The shop, in truth was aimed to a degree at tourists. Grandfather’s shop which was actually in a spas town – Tunbridge Wells – would never have done that.

Our Knaresborough Cobbler has clearly adopted a sort of period dress code to go with his undoubtedly period style shop.

Having gone in because it looked so lovely, we had to purchase something, although I don’t think he’d have minded had we not. Our cobbler made key fobs from scraps of leather and I was able to choose one with my initial on it. After many years in my pocket it does look a bit tired now, but it is still going strong.


I’m glad to have a souvenir of this visit, but I do wonder how that cobbler and his shop fare now.