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My Brother at Camp

September 22, 2013

After yesterday’s heavy earth moving equipment (albeit in toy form), I feel a need for a more gentle, restful topic to revive memories. And here we have a photo of my brother at ‘camp’ in 1958. This was the year my dad first dabbled in colour photography


My brother, who died as a young man in 1980, sits and enjoys the summer sun on our little ledge on the South Downs twixt Lewes and Eastbourne.

So many memories are stirred by pictures of our camping holidays – almost all of them pleasant.

Today I recall something I shouldn’t be proud of but honestly, no cruelty was intended although I still feel just a tad guilty and I’m not disclosing the name of a neighbour at home.

One evening, we three children were in bed and my sister challenged us all to say the funniest thing we could think of.  After a while, I just said the name of the neighbour – ‘Mrs S_____’. Absolute uncontrolled hysterics followed from all three of us. My brother had a wild and outrageous laugh and it was the photo of him with the cheery grin that brought this to mind. But the three of us just laughed and laughed and laughed.

After a while parents appeared, demanding to know what was so funny. But we were still convulsed with laughter and were unable to tell them.

I know my brother tried to tell them, but he sounded like a lunatic with a stutter and never got beyond, ‘M   M    M    Mrs’, before the uncontrolled laughter began again.

Eventually, some order was regained and one of us was able to blurt out the subject of our humour. But with the name said, the awful hysterics set in again.

It was late into the night when we settled down to sleep.

And of course the awful thing is that Mrs S____ was just a lovely lady. She and her husband had two pleasant children and I was quite friendly with the girl of about my age. She just did not deserve the awful humiliation of three kids roaring with laughter over her name. I imagine nobody ever told her.

But can I humbly apologise for such an awful wrong which I dreamt up – of saying her name as the funniest thing I could.