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The Lichen Tree

May 13, 2016

There is no such thing of course. Trees may get lichen on them but the lichen is an entirely different plant from the tree. The tree is a host, supporting the lichen in a manner suited to it. Lichen, we always understand likes wholesome, unpolluted air to do well. This suggests that the air at Appuldurcombe on the Isle of Wight is well suited. For that is where this tree is sited.

A high contrast day with sunshine and shadows, made photographing this tree difficult, but here goes.


The tree looks white but really it wasn’t.

That white is all lichen and utterly gorgeous it was too.



The tree was thick with species of this weird group of plants. Perhaps I’m fond of lichen because these plants, found in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, are rather neglected. I have no expertise and don’t begin to identify lichens. I just like them.

Here are some more.



Watching lichen grow

February 3, 2014

Many years ago a local historian asked me if I had any photos of Anns Farm. I searched through my collection and came up with this one.


Really, I had taken a photo of my son at our garden gate back in 1979. Anns Farm just happened to form the backdrop. Anyway, the photograph got added to the historian’s collection and then, in 2001, I decided I’d have a ‘now’ photo. I still live in the same house and still have the same view.


There are things to note. First of all, I no longer had a son at home and we no longer bothered with a gate. Ann’s Farm has been converted from a little cottage with a plethora of outbuildings into a large house. But what struck me was the growth of the brickwork lichen over 22 years. Of course, you’d never notice any change on a day to day basis but over that long period it was clear that the lichen had grown a great deal.

Now I am no expert on these odd little non flowering plants. I shan’t even try an identification.

Sad to say the lichen has gone. A reversing lorry managed to knock the whole wall down. It happened whilst we were out and we have no idea who did it. The lorry was blue and would have had a broken red rear light. That ended watching that particular lichen for me but there are plenty of others about.