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High and Over

January 22, 2015

Chalk hill figures have always fascinated me. I think they fascinated my dad. He’d have known the Long Man at Wilmington in Sussex from his childhood and he took us to see it in 1954. I can’t be certain that we saw the fairly nearby horse carved on Hindover Hill, also known as High and Over. Photography wasn’t cheap in 1954 and Mum and Dad bought a set of small sized  postcards in and around the Alfriston area and one depicts this white horse.


Back in 1954 an expedition from camp meant cycling and this horse was quite some way away. I know we visited after the arrival of a car which was in 1959.

And my wife and I visited in 2014 as we drove from visiting the Peggy Angus exhibition at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne towards my rendezvous with the old family camp site. This is the photo I took just last September – 60 years after we may have visited in 1954.


This particular horse, like most of them, has no antiquity. It was cut in the 19th century although there may have been an earlier figure on this site near the village of Littlington.

Figures like these fade away if not cleaned (scoured is the word used) at least every seven years. This one needs attention soon.