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A wall lizard

August 15, 2016

These photos, taken in April 2008, was near Camon in the south of France. It was a warm spring day and the lizards were out.


It needs a bit of a zoom.


This is a wall lizard – the commonest lizard in France. It is probably a male. At home, in the south of England I do see lizards of the kind we call common. It was a delight to see these creatures in France.


What charming animals they are.

The Lizard

May 31, 2013

Yesterday we looked at Britain’s most southerly railway station (also the most Westerly in England) at Penzance.

Quite close by is Britain’s most southerly point – Lizard Point. Readers may be relieved to know that no railway ever went to Lizard although the railway company ran one of the earliest motor bus services from the nearest station at Helston.

There are other things to get excited about at Lizard; things that belong in the natural world.

When I visited back in 2003 I was ignorant of what might be expected there. My daughter’s boyfriend (now husband) was captivated by seals. And so might I have been had a bird not flown by. To my utter amazement, it was a chough. Future son-in-law was unimpressed. ‘It’s just a black bird,’ was his summing up. But I didn’t even know I could see a chough in England and yet there was the distinctive red beak and legs. I was quite enthralled by it.

Sad to say I got no decent pictures for at that time I was using a lovely digital camera with a maximum resolution of 1.3 mega pixels. Distant birds and seals had to stay distant. You can’t digitally zoom in very much at all.


So that’s my chough and I can see why son in law wasn’t much impressed.

Whilst there, I photographed a flower which I didn’t recognise. I see I captioned it ‘Lizard Flower’.


Let’s fast forward to 2011 and we were at Lizard with son and his girlfriend (now wife).

There were no seals to be seen, but the RSPB have now erected chough watching places and have experts on hand to tell you where to look and what to expect. I was now using a 6 mega pixel camera so I have a bit of digital zoom capability.


Choughs remained a bit distant, but definitely chough like. Two of them did a little bit of aerobatics for us.


The ‘Lizard Flower’ I now knew was an invasive species from South Africa – the Hottentot fig. It was everywhere.


They look pretty, but are deemed ‘pernicious’.

Sadly, my son with a much better camera than mine never got a chough, but he did pretty well with a hovering kestrel.


Lizard is beautiful. I love going there. You won’t be the only person there, but it is not too trippery or commercialised.