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September 6, 2013

Back in about 1962 my dad got the Bedford Dormobile. Before then, holidays meant ‘camp’ and that still continued, but we also started to go further afield and that included a tour north. We just got into Scotland. My dad took us as far as Lockerbie which is some 17 miles from the England/Scotland border.

It was my first trip into Scotland and it very much was in the train spotting era. I made my way to the station – and I have no photos to prove it.

But there, shunting, was a rather nice little engine. It was the only engine I ever saw numbered in the 50 000s and we can see it underlined in my Winter 1961/62 issue of the Ian Allan ABC – London Midland and Scottish Regions.


With no photo of my own, I’ll add a photo of a similar engine from the same ABC book.


The photo, I see, is by D. A. Anderson

Because of this visit, Lockerbie was a place that mattered to me and we sometimes stopped there when we visited Scotland. In August 1998 I even visited the station.


Of course, there was no longer an old lady of a steam engine shunting. The line was electrified and clearly I didn’t have the patience or inclination to wait for a train.

This was a first holiday with a digital camera. I took tiny photos and thought it absolutely wonderful.

By the way, Lockerbie is a pleasing enough place. You don’t have to be a railway nerd to enjoy it.