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Quimper Market

August 10, 2016

One of the things you don’t always notice in real time is that ways of life change – people move on. Looking back at older photographs can bring these things to the front.

Yet having said that, I can’t be sure things have moved on. Maybe there are still people selling a few odds and ends at market stalls out in Brittany in France. For it was at Quimper and back in 1974, that I took this photo.


This chap looked so typically Gallic with his beret. I just had to take a snap of him with his box of apples and splendid blooms. I find it hard to imagine that anyone would take such a small collection to a market stall now. Actually, I’d love to be wrong. It would be good to think this less grand scale style of life continued.

I think, though, I captured a little bit of an old France which has gone. This is being written after the awful carnage in Nice – no doubt always a far cry from Brittany, but who can say we live in a better world now?


November 19, 2015

In the past we had travelled on the Settle and Carlisle railway between Ribblehead and Carlisle – it had been two trips. On the most recent holiday in that area we thought we’d complete the journey – and do the most exciting bit for a second time by travelling from Dent – England’s highest station, over the Ribblehead Viaduct and down to Settle. We could take a look at this little town before returning.

We arrived in Settle and watched our train head off to complete its journey to Leeds.

The Friends of the Settle and Carlisle Railway do a fantastic job supporting owners and operators and making sure stations are kept in good order.

But private enterprise does its bit too. Just outside the station there is an old water tank which stored much needed water for steam locos. It has been converted into a home with heritage extras added.



Settle is a pleasant market town and it was market day.


This building houses a rather quirky museum.


As you’d expect, Settle is in glorious surroundings.


Back on the station for our return, we found ‘The Friends’ even provide entertainment by having bird feeders.


Niches in the station wall have unexpected characters to amuse children of all ages.


These little extras make the travelling experience so much more delightful.

Devizes Market

June 23, 2014


There is still something a bit traditional about a market with traders shouting their wares and doing their work with a bit of showman panache. And they still draw the crowds.

If I go to France, I quite often photograph stalls. One day, a few years ago, I really thought I’d do the same in England with my local market at Devizes.

image002 Traditional fruit, albeit not of local origin.


A stall dedicated to the olive.


Curtain material.


Flowers alongside plants from a local nursery.


Spares for your vacuum cleaner.


A packaged cake stall.


Stones – some claimed to have mystical properties.




A local vegetable supplier.


Cheese and bacon.


The fish man.

Just a small fraction of the market stalls are shown here. There is much, much more.

There’s a chance to buy much of what you might need as well as things you might want. It’s social too. You meet friends – both present ones and others from long ago. It is always good fun to linger in the market.