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January 30, 2014

It’s always good to know I’m not the only hoarder of old items in the house. I daresay my wife would say, ‘Ah, but the stuff I hoard may be useful one day’. And she might point out that something very similar to ‘No-Sew’ has just been useful in mending an old shopping bag..

Here’s the front of the ‘No-Sew’ packet.


Aha! It is iron-on tape which, allegedly has 101 uses. It lists 16, all of which could be summarised as ‘cover over holes in fabric’.

What makes this packet amazing is its age.. Let’s look at the other side.


The thing to notice is the price stamped on at the top. It says 9d. That’s nine of our pre-decimal pennies. We introduced our decimal currency in 1971 so this ‘No-Sew’ has been about since before then.