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The beauty of a chilly morning

February 6, 2016

I’m looking back to January and we did have some chilly mornings. For one of them, my weather station recorded minus 7.8 degrees Celsius which is really quite cold for this part of the world.

However, the morning shown here was less cold, but still a lovely crisp and chilly start to the day.

One of the things I always enjoy seeing is the mist rolling over the hills. There may not be much colour but I still see this as a really beautiful scene.


Yes, it really is a monochrome world but the trees display their grace and those in the know can make out features on the scarp slope of Salisbury Plain beyond.

Nearer at hand, and actually on my own field, there are sheep.

image004At the moment there is a flock of 25 sheep on my land. Once upon a time the sheep would have been mine, but I gave them up some 15 years ago. Now they belong to a friend. He does the hard work and I get the pleasure of seeing them and here’s a small group, finding something in the frost covered grass.

All those little humps? They are ant hills. Our soil is a bit acidic and is suited to these little hard working insects. They in their turn bring in bird life, happy to feed on them.

I do feel very lucky to have all this immediately outside my house.

Both pictures were taken from the bathroom window.

Blythburgh (2)

March 7, 2015

Having looked, yesterday, at Paul Bennett’s view of Blythburgh I thought that today we could see some of my photos.


This was a hazy day in April 2004 and we can see that little hill with the village on it.


It was even mistier on another visit in February 2008 when we walked paths in the marshes.


This boat’s useful days are clearly over – but modern photography makes it all too easy to brighten up what was a very misty shot.


Aha. Now here’s one for a nerd. It’s an old AA reflector to help make sure cars don’t crash into the corner of a building.


Sorry folks. I have photos of church and village but there are dozens of them on the web already

Sky tracks

October 5, 2014


This was the view out of my bathroom window the other morning. Now I love these misty mornings and in my family we tend to call them ‘etheral’. This followed my late sister teasing me about a missing ‘e’ in the word ethereal.

In this view, our normal downland scene is entirely lost in the mist and the rising sun has yet to fully break through. It allows attention to fall on those vapour trails, many seemingly heading to the same point.

The view here is roughly to the south east and I wouldn’t think that ought to be a major direction for airliners. We are roughly due west of the major airports around London and we do see high level liners on an eastward or westward trajectory. But the area to the southwest of us is a military range and so probably these were military jet trails – and maybe they did have a target in mind somewhere on the ranges.

Whatever the reason, I rather like the moody picture.