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A magnificent toy

September 21, 2013

One day and I can’t remember quite when – probably about 1955 – my dad came home from work with the most magnificent toy for me. It was a Lesney prime mover with trailer and caterpillar bulldozer. If you put them all together it is about 12 inches long.


This toy of mine was much loved and much played with. It worked out in the garden, moving earth – really where it belonged. Mind you, I have just been looking it up on the web and I find near mint examples with box now market for well over £1000. Value is not my concern, but mine must be way below that with all its faults and missing pieces and a complete absence of box.

The power unit, or prime mover, should have green engine covers on each side. Sadly they are gone. The back wheels no longer stay attached to the body – a minor problem which could be rectified easily. But other than that it’s wonderful.


Look, it had a driver (painted all over orange like the rest of the bodywork. And it purported to be in the fleet of British Road Services. I read that it was loosely based on a Scammell.

The ramps at the back of the trailer could be put in place for loading and unloading the bulldozer. My trailer’s tow bar vanished many a year ago and was replaced by twisted wire. Bits of ‘hydraulic’ equipment on the caterpillar vehicle have broken off.


The prime mover gives no indication as to maker, but the bulldozer and trailer both do.


There’s the maker’s name on the back of the ‘pusher’. This shot reveals that a bit of this pusher has broken off.


The trailer – which clearly has a bent axle – also carries the maker’s name.

So, in fact, what I have here is a well-loved wreck.