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Morecambe and District Allotment Society Show – 1948

March 25, 2014

I never actually had a father in law for he died, suddenly and unexpectedly, when my wife was still but a girlfriend. That meant I knew the man – a real gentleman, kind, considerate and always helpful. He tended a neat and tidy garden but there was no evidence of an enthusiastic vegetable grower. Yet he clearly had been back in those early post World War II days when he was a newly married man.

For a while, he and his wife lived in Morecambe and they obviously had an allotment on which Doug (for that was his name) grew vegetables. Not only that, he entered them in a show.

He’d be pleased to know, I’m sure, that 65 years on his daughter enters in our local show – but that might be another story. Let’s return to that Morecambe show in 1948.

Like anybody else, Doug was a proud winner and maybe that is why he, and then his widow, and then his daughter kept his annotated show schedule from 1948.


This is the front of the schedule and we can see who the important people were  and the dates and times. At the top Doug has put his name and address and then added ‘1st prize winner 1948’.

Doug was not an overall winner. He won one class and the inside of the schedule shows us what he entered and what he got first prize for.


He entered beetroot, white cabbage and carrots and got his first prize for the cabbage. Yes, father in law was a champion cabbage grower. Now that’s something we find hard to match. Our own soil is rather light and sandy which is not the best for tight hearted cabbages.

It looks as though he entered some flowers as well, ticked off with his propelling pencil and in his  hallmark diminutive writing.

For completeness let’s see the back of the schedule which carries a couple of adverts. I don’t know Morecambe, so I have no idea if the shops still exist.