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June 29, 2015

No, not the one on the North Cornwall coast. This is the Welsh one on Cardigan Bay.


It’s just an ordinary enough seaside town but it has one thing which makes it extraordinary. It is said that the basic idea for Dylan Thomas’s radio play, Under Milk Wood, came to him whilst staying in this little seaside town.

What that Welsh bard actually thought of the place I don’t know, but maybe there’s a clue in the name he chose for the ‘fictional’ location of Milk Wood. He called his location Llareggub which has a Welsh ring to it (almost). But saying it backwards may give an idea.

Newquay certainly has the cottages tumbling down the hillside.


It is so possible to imagine Dylan’s characters, Organ Morgan, Captain Cat, Dai Breads, Polly Garter and all the others in Newquay.

I think Under Milk Wood is a wonderful work. Its beauty rubs off on Newquay – and the townsfolk have taken their chance and make much of it.