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The Old Man of Hoy

February 24, 2015

Sad to say I have never actually set foot on the island of Hoy. It was an Orkney Island we were unable to visit when we were up there in 2004. But the ferry, going from Scrabster which is near Thurso on the north coast of Scotland to Stromness on the Orkney mainland passes close by – and particularly it passes close by the sea stack known as the Old Man of Hoy.


There it was on our outward journey on 9th August 2004. Now I’m no climber and I tend to think people who take up challenges like climbing the Old Man are a bit mad. It’s 450 feet high and mostly pretty well vertical. But those of us old enough well remember the televised climb back in 1967. It was adventurous television then as well as being a truly adventurous climb. It brought knowledge of this stack to 15 million viewers.  So it was grand to go past it and see it.

By the way, one of the televised climbers, Chris Bonnington, celebrated his 80th birthday last year by climbing it again!

We passed it again on our return journey some days later.


What fantastic sandstone scenery.