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What do I want for Christmas?

December 23, 2013

Yes, the big event is just a couple of days away and yes, I look forward to the giving and receiving of presents.

But what do I want? For me, that is a secondary question which should come after, ‘what do I need?’

I am old enough to know of a time when you gave people things they needed, but couldn’t afford as a Christmas present. For most of us those times are long past. We have all the things we need and most of us, even we poor old pensioners, can afford to buy things if we feel we really do need things.

So I need nothing.

And now to that second question of ‘what do I want?’ Well really the answer is not so very different. I’d rather people didn’t spend their money on things for me but I do like things which may have had some love and time put into them.

However, it may be clear from this blog that I have a thirst for knowledge and silly facts. Reading matter that can provide some of that is appreciated. But it doesn’t need to be new or expensively bought. In fact I can be more pleased with a sought out second hand book.  And of course, I like to show off my knowledge – where I am in good competition with other members of the family – so a quiz book is also appreciated

I like word trickery and optical illusions so books of them are appreciated. And here’s a little favourite from a few years ago.


Lid off a daffodil is a palindrome. It reads the same backwards as it does forwards. The strange picture of the bandsman is reversible as well. Try turning it over. No! OK, the back cover of the book has done it for you.


Aha, it’s a vase of flowers.

Now that was an enjoyable little gift.

But, essentially I want very little. A happy time with family and friends will please me.