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Grandfather’s cousin

December 10, 2015

Meet the relative

I rather expect to know of my cousins, albeit in some cases I don’t actually know them all that well. But I wonder if my wife’s grandfather, Howard, even knew of his cousin, William James Paul.

William was born in Bristol in about 1883. His father, Charley Paul was a carpenter which had been what the Paul’s did. And they seemed to operate in Bristol and Gloucestershire. Howard’s parents had started their married life in Bristol but they moved down to Redruth in Cornwall before the birth of Howard.

But to return to William James. He didn’t follow his father into carpentry as far as we know, although our evidence is limited. In 1891 he was a scholar and in 1901 he worked at the aerated water factory in Bristol.

For some reason his 1911 census is only available in index form and no job is given, but he was married by then and he and his wife, Ada, would seem to have two children. The couple had married in 1907.

Our understanding is that in 1914 the family moved to Wales. They lived at Ammanford in Carmarthenshire.

Many years ago a direct descendant of William sent me a photo of the family and here it is.


From left to right we have Nellie Paul, William James Paul, Ada Paul (nee Balls), Frederick and seated Stanley.

Nellie, Frederick and Stanley are the children of William and Ada.

With thanks to Tony who supplied photo and information.