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A bus in Brittany

June 9, 2014

In 2002 we holidayed in Brittany – a delightful area of France which is different from much of the country, not least in having an ancient language which lives on in many place names. It is akin to Cornwall in many ways.

At Plougrescant we came across a very English item – a double decker bus.


This looks to me (and I don’t claim to be an expert) like a Bristol Lodekka, probably with a body by Eastern Coach Works. And as another aside, I recall seeing chassis being driven from Bristol to Lowestoft with drivers, wrapped up against the cold, sitting out in the open. It seemed a strange business to me to drive them 250 miles for the body to be fitted, but that was now it was.

This bus was run by Crosville from new in 1954 until 1971. From there she went to Europe and had several different owners. We saw her during her time with Publibus. And what a fine sight she was, albeit a tad incongruous on the narrow Brittany roads.