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Pooh Sticks

December 20, 2015

A A Milne gave a name to one of the great pastimes for kids of all ages. I don’t imagine he invented the idea of dropping sticks in a stream on one side of the bridge and then going to the other side to see which stick emerged first. I dare say youngsters played such games long before Christopher Robin and Friends played this game and called it Pooh Sticks.

The idea is so utterly simple yet it mixes a large dose of luck, with a little skill in selecting a likely stick and the best drop zone for it.

And here are two adult ladies about to drop their Pooh Sticks into a stream.


It has to be said the game is best played at a bridge without a road, particularly if children are involved for once they have launched their sticks they will charge across the bridge with no thought to traffic.

I’m afraid history has not recorded the winner of this game which was played in 2008.