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Pulpit Rock

March 31, 2016

These photos, taken at Portland Bill in Dorset, date back to 1972. The bill at the end of this almost island is a fantastic place of limestone rocks. We have looked at the area before – a lovely little crane for getting small boats up the cliff (click here).

This time we go right to the end.


It’s fabulous scenery – wild and rugged although maybe my little Canon Demi camera and a rather second rate slide copier didn’t do it full justice.

Right at the end we find Pulpit Rock.

image003This was deliberately created in the 19th century by quarrymen with the leaning slab having the appearance of a bible leaning on a pulpit.

What a shame people had used it as a graffiti wall – albeit one can agree with the ‘ban the bomb’ symbols painted on.

That was over 40 years ago and I don’t think I have been there since. Maybe it is time to go again.