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Punch and Judy in 1980

February 8, 2016

I have shown Punch and Judy shows at Swanage a couple of times ion this blog. And here’s a third. This one dates back to 1980 which was still, just, the era of black and white photography, home processed.


My son would have been four at the time and I’m sure he was amongst the watchers. My daughter would have been there as well, but still unborn.

The shows follow a familiar format. But this looks quite remarkably similar to a colour photo I have shown before so I reckon both were taken on the same day. I used an Agfa rangefinder camera for black and white and, usually, Ilford HP4 film.

Of course, what is really good to report is that the politically incorrect, frightening and generally a tad nasty Punch and Judy shows still take place on Swanage Beach and long may they continue.


Punch and Judy (2)

August 17, 2013

Just a week ago I wrote about Punch and Judy at Swanage. On a lovely August day, my wife and I joined the throngs at Swanage this year and I am pleased to say there is still a Punch and Judy show and it still attracts the kids.

It looks as though, back in 1982, you were asked to pay 15p to watch. In 2013 – more than thirty years later, it is a pound which, really, is not a bad price.

Here we see a little of the show as put on this year.


‘A show will start soon. Please come and grab the best places’, was the message coming from the booth. And indeed, the people did come and crowd around. I counted at least 90 paying customers but it could well have been more for just this one show.


There’s Punch and Judy, arguing as ever.


Mr Punch is holding forth as ever.

Long may they continue to make kids laugh, yet terrify them at the same time.

Punch and Judy

August 10, 2013

Punch and Judy

Do nerds like children’s entertainment? This happy one certainly likes a good Punch and Judy show.

Punch and Judy ‘professors’ still have their pitches at seaside resorts. Mostly, if I am at such a seaside place, I am devoid of children – the excuse for watching. It is quite a time since I have settled down to a good show.

Back in about 1982, whan my own children were little, we did watch the Punch and Judy show at Swanage.


There we see Guy Higgin’s stand. Mr Punch is resting on the stage, watched by a creature I can’t quite make out.

It seems I couldn’t hold a camera straight even back then – but I was sitting on the ground (which I have always disliked) and probably had a child or two with me. Well, that’s my excuse for failing to keep the old Canon Demi camera on the straight.

Perhaps at about this time I had a cousin (and I still have) who was a Punch and Judy person. Sadly, I never saw her perform and she has long since hung up her puppets.

Further back in time I had a puppet theatre which my dad made and quite a collection of cheap glove puppets.


There’s me in 1954 with the theatre and some puppets. I have a fox, Judy, Punch and a clown there. I loved those puppets and really regret I decided to get rid of them.

It seems there is a ‘puppet’ gene in the family.