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Mull of Kintyre

December 27, 2013

Hey-ho! Half the readership will now be singing Paul McCartney’s song about this Scottish headland. I’m looking back to 2001 when it wasn’t just mist that rolled in from the sea. It was rain which lashed down. A hugely heavy and severely soaking storm caught us out and turned us into saturated squelches.

But let’s start before the rain did. We were camping near Tarbett towards the top end of the Kintyre peninsula and about 50 miles from the Mull. The weather was iffy as we drove down to the Mull – well, you had to, didn’t you.

We left the car in the car park and walked down the winding path.


The scenery was quite pleasant as we headed off down to the lighthouse but we were happy to accept a bit of rolling mist.


It was only a short walk to the lighthouse – and ther4e it was.


We had paid our homage to the place and we set off back. The heavens just opened. I think it was Spike Milligan who wrote,

‘There are holes in the sky where the rain gets in.

The holes are small. That’s why rain is thin!’

Not so this time. The rain was really quite thick. Our waterproofs were no more than a quarter of a mile away. That was far too far for staying dry.


We got to the car and every item of clothing we wore was soaked.

The rain now stopped.

We decided there was nothing for it but to strip right off and put on whatever alternatives we had in the car.

We were not alone. A couple of cars away a pair of attractive young Dutch girls were stripping off as well. Between us and them a car had a few young lads in it. We could see them, quite goggle eyed as they looked at us stripping off and then looking at the Dutch girls. To be honest, I didn’t think much of their taste. I mean, why look at me when theses svelte young ladies were getting down to less than the bare essentials.

As I remember it, I ended up in a pair of shorts, a cagoule and welly boots. I fear I can’t remember what unlikely combo my wife managed to get into. But I do recall she wasn’t keen on stopping anywhere as we returned to the tent.

But for a dozen years now we have been able to laugh about the day we did a strip show for young lads, very ably assisted by those Dutch girls.

And all because the nerd was determined to see the lighthouse!