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A good rainbow

August 24, 2015

I enjoy a good rainbow. But do you know, they used to cause ructions in our house.

My dad was a scientist and was keen that we all learned what made rainbows happen.

My sister, in that bolshie phase that teenage girls can go through griped about this.

“Why can’t you just accept they are pretty without having to go into the science?’ She used to say. She seemed to imply that the rainbow lost some of its magic if it was understood; that somehow the rainbow was less beautiful for having knowledge and understanding.

Well guess what? I was with Dad on this one. I like a good rainbow and have too many photos, probably, to prove it. I think they can be stunningly beautiful and I don’t think they are less beautiful to me because I think I understand why we see them.

Anyway, the other day there was a pretty good one. Conditions were right in that a bright early evening sun shone, but dark rain clouds filled the eastern sky giving a fantastic backdrop for the bow.


An outer bow is visible and we could see supernumery bands on the inside of the main bow. I’ve darkened the picture to show these things better.


I have to say it is beautiful whether understood or not!