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Mum’s Christmas Pudding Recipe

May 26, 2013

My mum died when I was a teenager. I never knew her with me as a real adult, although I daresay I thought that, at aged 17, I was properly grown up.  But she had been ill for some years – in and out of hospital, recovering from surgery or radio-therapy. In a sense she had ceased to be the real person some years before death, as coping with illness became the major struggle.

So I was pleased, recently, to be given a recipe written out in mum’s hand. It’s for Christmas Pudding, so thoroughly out of season just now, but then it is never too early to make your puddings.

Here we go then.



Do you know, I think my mum might have written that on one of those cards that used to separate Shredded Wheat in their packet.

As a girl, my mum had dimples which earned her the nickname of Dimp which stuck with her throughout her all too short life.

One thing I am utterly convinced my mother would have changed was the cooking time. There’d have been no eight hours of boiling for us, for my mum (and dad) believed in pressure cookers and that probably cut the cooking time to about half that given in the recipe.


And there is the pressure cooker – or a second one my dad acquired. It was a hissing and fearsome monster that was in regular use for all sorts. It even went camping with us, for it enabled a whole meal to be concocted and cooked on one primus stove.

My wife still makes our Christmas Puddings and she, too, uses a pressure cooker, but not the rather bomb like structure that mum used to use.